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Directions to Boone Newspapers
(Lake Tuscaloosa)

  1. You have two choices:

    1. From intersection of I 20/59 and Highway 82 West in Tuscaloosa, take Highway 82 West toward Northport and Columbus, Mississippi.

      1. This will take you along McFarland Blvd, past University Mall and on into Northport. Late nights or before 6:30 a.m. the traffic is not heavy – but traffic is heavy at all other times.

      2. Note when you are traveling on Highway 82 West when you reach the intersection with Highway 69 North, in Northport, you will continue on Highway 82 West for about one mile until you see Highway 43 North – it will be at the 2nd traffic light.

      3. You take a right, and go North on Highway 43 as per 2. below.

    2. Go to the Toll Bridge exit on I 20/59 that is west of the Highway 82 off ramp from I 20/59 and west of downtown Tuscaloosa exits. It is Exit #68 – Warrior Parkway.

      1. This exit is also called the Black Warrior Parkway.

      2. You will cross a 75-cent toll bridge and continue on the Black Warrior Parkway until it goes into Highway 82 just past the Tuscaloosa Airport.

      3. Go east on Highway 82, which is to your right and back toward Northport and Tuscaloosa.

      4. At Highway 43 North, step 2. below, take a left and continue with directions numbered 3. and following. This will save you about 10 minutes].

  2. Take Highway 43 North, off Highway 82 West.

  3. Continue on Highway 43 North for 8.5 miles, passing a Winn-Dixie Supermarket on your left [5.1 miles] and Rooster's service station [8 miles] on your right as you approach the next turn.

  4. Turn right on Tierce Patton Farm Road [it is just a short distance from Rooster's].

  5. Go 1.7 miles on Tierce Patton Farm Road. You will notice a road sign with a picture of a fire truck just before to come to your next turn.

  6. Exit Tierce Patton Farm Road after 1.7 miles to enter Stonehedge Road, on your right. Tierce Patton Farm Road bends to left and Stonehedge Road goes straight. You will notice to your right, where you exit Tierce Patton Farm Road, Wind Chase Subdivision whose main road is Tierce Lake Road.

  7. Go .2 [2/10ths] of a mile on Stonehedge Road to Carrol’s Creek Fire District Volunteer Fire Station [a metal building on your right] that will be at the corner of the intersection of Stonehedge Road and Freeman’s Bend Road.

  8. Turn right on Freeman’s Bend Road.

  9. Turn into the driveway after going .4 [4/10ths] of a mile where you see the second mail box encased in stone on your right. The address is 15222 Freeman's Bend Road, Northport, Alabama 35475-3800. There is a stone and iron gate with the Boone name and 15222. You will see a concrete block structure over to the right – this is The Boone Lodge [not where you are going]. Continue to follow the asphalt drive to your left to the end of the road to reach the office of Boone Newspapers.

  10. If you get lost, the telephone number at the office is 205-330-4100. Jim Boone’s home phone number is 205-345-4641 or 205-752-5881.

  11. If you miss our driveway, Freeman’s Bend Road dead-ends just around the curve to your left. Turn around and go back.